No Expectations

No Expectations

I’ve been guilty many, many …many times of having expectations of situations and people for which I am let down or disappointed.  I’ve been coached through the years to NOT have expectations yet, admittedly, I struggle with this concept.  It seems that some areas of my life are far easier to not have expectations while others consistently drive me nuts, such as my romantic relationships.  I suspect this is of great importance for me to learn how to do better in my lifetime, lol.

What has made this experience so rewarding thus far is that I have not had any expectations and therefore I’ve been pleasantly pleased or surprised by what I’ve encountered.  I haven’t expected to have anything be like it was at home in CT. I didn’t expect running water, I didn’t expect clean or drinkable water, I didn’t expect a comfy bed, I didn’t expect to have food readily available, I didn’t expect…well …anything.  I didn’t play out where we would be trained or transportation or the types of people I’d meet.  Not a single thing!  Even as we drove through the city of Castries on 6/20/15, Rosanna was apologizing, in a way, for not having big department stores.  I told her I was perfectly happy with what they had here and I didn’t come expecting to have what I left in America.  Often, she explained, people come to St. Lucia and whine when things are not like what they left behind in another country.  Why would anyone come to a new country expecting or hoping for what they had at home?  Isn’t that the part of adventure and exploration?  To find new things?  New ways of doing things?  To discover new tastes, smells, or things for which to look upon?   In my humble opinion, if you come expecting what you have always had then there is no room to expand your horizons.  Realistically, if you wanted what you had at home then you might as well simply stay put.

I wish I knew or understood how I am able to have such an open mind that is devoid of expectations on this adventure because then I could employ it in all aspects of my life.  It is almost like a blank space.  My mind is not empty of thoughts and ideas but rather it is not competing or jumping to conclusions.  It is not telling me to expect “this” therefore I am not disappointed.  I literally don’t dwell too far in the future; I’m more present and take minute by minute.  Is this how it feels to be a man??  I say that light heartedly as it’s already been well established that men and women think differently.  And in my short life, I have come to appreciate, from men I’ve encountered, that they are blessed to not “over think” things.  It’s as if I have had to toss aside all conventions and be open to whatever may come.  I am simply accepting of what is which is no easy feat.  Next up…language training and moving to my new home in Augier.  Here’s to no expectations!!

Stay tuned…because I’m not sitting on the sidelines of life.

~Brie Messier, MBA


4 thoughts on “No Expectations

  1. Michelle Graziano says:

    Who knows? Maybe this experience is just what you needed to be able to let go of preconceived expectations in other areas of your life. So proud of you for all that you’re doing! Keep writing – I’m reading!


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