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The ordinary day that wasn’t…Pt 3

Micoud was a treasure trove of delight for me!  It is the complete opposite of my town of Augier, St. Lucia.   It is a wonderful collection of people living ordinary lives and they probably don’t realize how great their community.  Shops, salons, and goats dotted the landscape while people looked onto the streets from their balconies greeting us “afternoon” every couple of houses.  The fact that there were actual people outside to engage with, that we could walk to the water, and walk to/from Barbara’s work at the library oddly made me feel more connected.

A strangely inviting yet poisonous  tree in Micoud.

A strangely inviting yet poisonous tree in Micoud.

loving on a local goat in Micoud, St. Lucia

loving on a local goat in Micoud, St. Lucia

As we walked through the village, stopping in a shop to get water and chatting with a Syrian store owner, there was a street vendor with a little cart which caught my attention.  The little cart was filled with one of my favorites…ICE CREAM!!!  AAAHHHHH…  You better believe I got a cup of it 🙂  We were nearly to the Library which happens to be on the second floor of the Multi-purpose Center and I kid you not, as soon as we walked up my ears were rewarded with the sounds of a steel drum band.  The biggest smile emerged.

OMG…I was in heaven; ice cream AND steel drums at one time.  Very early on I learned about Panorama which is the largest celebration of steel drum bands on the island.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that I could go for a variety of reasons.  The universe delivered any way much to my delight!

By 4:15p I was standing at the bus stop waiting to go home.  That was the longest ride thanks to a guy who wouldn’t leave me alone.  I was beat and ready to chill after my totally gratifying ordinary day that wasn’t.

Stay tuned…because I’m not sitting on the sidelines of life.

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